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Camellia Oil, Organically Grown
100% Pure Tea Seed Oil

Cold Pressed for Skin, Hair & Full Body

White Flower Camellia Oil For Skin, Nails & Hair
Nourishing Skin and Hair Oil for Men, Women & Children
Ideal for Sensitive & Aging Skin

2oz camellia oil

Certified Organic Camellia oil is a precious lightweight oil rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Cold pressed from the seeds of the Camellia flower, this luxurious oil quickly absorbs and nourishes skin without clogging pores, and replenishes oil lost from the skin, leaving skin silky soft and supple, and smoothes fine age lines.

Also referred to as tea oil or tea seed oil, Camellia oil has been regarded as emperor oil for generations and is praised as “eastern olive oil”. With the property of Camellia oil being very similar to human skin. The unique components of camellia oil moisturize, soften, and protect hair, providing moisture and shine.

An intense skin conditioner for all year use, our Camellia oil is the highest grade 100% Pure and certified organic Camellia oil available and is a luxurious oil for full body use.

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Conditioning and fast absorbing, our Camellia oil is the highest grade 100% pure Organic Camellia oil available. A natural anti-oxidant, Camellia oil is rich in vitamins A, B, K & E (gamma-tocopherol), contains over 90% Monounsaturated fatty acid, an average of 85% Oleic acid and contains essential fatty acids. Camellia oil is also naturally rich in plant Squalane, fatty acids, polyphenols, plant protein, and rich in plant collagen.

Camellia is also an excellent tummy oil to help keep skin supple during pregnancy and has been the choice of several celebrities during their own pregnancies.

Our oil is 100% pure and free of adulterating oils, alcohol, preservatives, and synthetic fragrance, preservatives, and is a truly exquisite oil for skin and hair.

Known for its fast absorption, skin protecting and conditioning ability, this cold pressed oil has been grown in China for more than 1000 years, being used for beautiful skin and hair, and for cooking. Our Camellia oil is cosmetic grade, not food grade which is refined further.

The unique absorption qualities, not seen in other oils, is due in part to its unique components, such as saponins. The gentleness of this oil makes it deal for sensitive skin, young and mature skin, dry skin, fine age lines, age spots, as a body oil, hands and fingernails, and for dry hair.


Camellia (Camellia oleifera) oil

Organically grown and cold pressed in China


We source the highest therapeutic grade certified Organic Camellia oil, grown and pressed in China by USDA Certified Organic growers in a ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility. Our oil is fresh and 100% pure, not aged, diluted, or adulterated with other oils. Cold pressed without heat, solvents, Hexane or alcohol.

Grown at high elevation, pesticide use is not commonly necessary. The oil we offer is free of pesticides, processing chemicals, GMO's, preservatives, synthetic fragrance oils, and filler oils.


The 2 and 4oz ship in Amber glass bottles, with a treatment pump for clean dispensing.
The 4oz size ships in two 2oz Amber glass bottles, each with a treatment pump.

- To order larger sizes, by gallon or drum, please contact me.


Store out of direct light and away from heat. Can be refrigerated. High grade Camellia oil does not solidify when stored in the refrigerator.


Fabulous for both young and mature skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, irritated skin, age spots, fine age lines. red spots, scars, dry or over processed hair. Also used for dry brittle fingernails, this oil penetrates and helps to soften cuticles and helps keep nails nourished. A wonderful massage oil and for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.


Camellia oil has a unique penetration and absorption ability, and absorbs into the layers of skin, leaving skin silky soft. Its unique ability to absorb are due in part to its natural components, such as saponins.


Known as one of the most skin friendly oils of all plant oils, Camellia oleifera oil is extremely gentle, non-irritating, non-comedogenic, and recommended for daily use.

While Camellia oil is wonderful for sun damaged skin, and said to provide some UV protection, plant oils should never be considered as sun block or sunscreen.

- Age Spots and Age Lines, Scars, Wounds, and Stretch Marks:
With its non-comedogenic and impressive absorption properties, Camellia oil is clinically proven to improve elasticity and the overall health of skin. Continual use this oil helps to minimize pores and smooth fine age lines, has shown to help the healing of scars, helps to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy and weight lifting, and has shown to lighten freckles and age spots.

- Pre- or Post- Chemotherapy / Radiation Treatments
Free of harmful ingredients and preservatives, organic Camellia oil is an ideal choice for pre- or post- chemotherapy or radiation treatments.


18 months from purchase when kept away from heat and light. Light is damaging to oils and causes oxidation. Oxidized oils can be harmful to skin. Can be refrigerated, especially during hot weather.

For Skin:
Apply a few drops directly to clean skin, and after bathing when skin is still moist. Massage in gently and if applying makeup wait 2 minutes to allow the oil to absorb. Recommended for use around eyes and neck for fine age lines. May also be used as a face cleanser. Apply a few drops to skin, gently rub in small circles to loosen dirt and makeup, and rinse.

For hair:
Apply a few drops to damp hair and gently massage in, style as usual. Can be applied to hair at night for all night moisturizing, covering with a towel and rinsing upon waking.




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