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Urban Chaos is a transparent Vegan skin care company specializing in skin care for sensitive and problem skin. We develop plant-based bath and body products for sensitive, dry, young and aging skin, and problem skin. We also believe in providing full disclosure of ingredients in skin care, and also provide ingredient properties.

Supporting a more green and sustainable world, and lifestyle, Urban Chaos is a all Vegan, Palm-free, and we source Non-GMO ingredients. 

organic skin oil
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Organic Camellia Oil & Infused Oils
Sensitive, Dry & Problem Skin Oils

We offer 100% High-Grade Organic Camellia Oil, as well as infused oils of Sea Buckthorn Oil, Organic Calendula Oil, Beard Oil. Certified Organic high-grade botanical oils, each is luxurious for sensitive skin and hair. Fast absorbing oils rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and Squalene. Nourishing, soothing, and conditioning to skin, nails, and hair

balancing face cream
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Camellia Oil Face & Body Lotions
for Sensitive Skin, Aging & Problem Skin

Urban Chaos Camellia Oil face and body lotions are hydrating and formulated especially for sensitive, aging skin and problem skin. Made with Organic Camellia Oil and Organic ingredients, our face cream and body lotions balance and hydrate skin for hours. Free of harmful ingredients, each is hydrating, soothing, moisturizing and long-lasting.

balancing face cleansers
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One-Step Organic Face Cleansing OIls
for Sensitive & Problem Skin

Organic Cleansing oils to gently clean, balance and hydrate skin. Unique one-step face cleansers for sensitive skin, dry skin, aging skin, and problem skin. With a beautiful and unique blend of Organic Camellia oil and a gentle 5.5 pH, our cleansing oils are made with gentle organic and raw (unrefined) ingredients to gently clean and balance skin.

all natural bath soap
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Natural & Organic Bath Soap
Handmade for Sensitive & Problem Skin

We love making natural homemade bath soap that is gentle, non-drying, conditioning. We offer both liquid bath soap and bar soap, formulated especially for sensitive skin, dry skin, aging skin, and skin problems. We also make Nut-free soap for those allergic to nuts. Handmade in small batches the old fashioned way, our soap is free of synthetic fragrance, preservatives, free of Palm oil, and free of all animal ingredients.

kokum butter skin balm
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All Natural Skin Balm
for Sensitive & Problem Skin

Our skin balms are gentle and soothing and made without harmful ingredients. Ideal for sensitive skin, baby skin, dry skin, and problem skin (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin conditions). With organic ingredients, this natural balm is free of preservatives and harmful ingredients.

rustic pillar candles
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Luxury Jar & Gel Candles
Rustic Square Pillar Candles

Enjoy the ambience of candle light with a hand-poured jar or rustic pillar candle. Urban Chaos container candles are handmade with premium Soy wax and high grade fragrance oils. Our Rustic Pillar candles are are unique and compliment any decor, Each of our candles combine exquisite design and fragrance. Bulk and wholesale also available upon request.

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♥ Our products are never tested on animals.
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